25 Feb 2014

Pharmachem Receives IMO Social and Fair Trade Certification for Aloe Vera Operations

Pharmachem Laboratories, LLC through its wholly owned subsidiary, Improve USA, announced it has received the Institute for Marketecology (IMO) “Fair for Life” Social and Fair Trade certification (see www.fairforlife.net) for its U.S. and Mexico based aloe vera operations. The certification confirms that Improve USA has met the requirements of having: fair trade practices, fair working and good working conditions, responsible relations with local community, long term partnerships with fair trade producer operations, fair prices and fair trade premiums paid to producer operations and responsible labor practices.

Peter Hafermann, President, Improve USA, comments, “We are very proud to have received IMO certification for our aloe vera operations. We intend to fully integrate all of our aloe vera operations in the USA and Mexico into the Fair For Life programs through IMO. It is the right decision for our company, customers, employees and other stakeholders.”

David Homes, CEO and Founder of Pharmachem Laboratories, LLC emphasizes, “The certification demonstrates that we produce our aloe products in a sustainable and accountable manner. We will continue to support the IMO certification program because it is a demonstration of our commitment to social and fair business practices recognized, worldwide.”