Our Pledge

We Assure You Quality Every Step of the Way

• Over 200 Standard Operating Procedures
Rigorous quality standards set by our QA team.
• Exact adherence to GMP in every stage of production
• Every lot tested for potency, microbiology, organoleptic & purity
• Dedicated best practices from testing incoming materials to meeting label claims and release of product
• Quality built into every product we manufacture
• We examine our internal operations daily

We stake our reputation on our impeccable quality assurance.

Our Quality Control

The Quality Control unit is comprised of leading technical experts in quality control receiving, analytical chemistry, and microbiology. Our experts deploy rigorous testing to ensure that all ingredients received in our laboratories meet specifications through every stage in production: testing raw materials, during processing, and finished product testing.


• Keeps testing environment stable

• Ensures product purity, integrity, and efficacy

• Meets or exceeds all regulatory standards and safety requirements

• Enforces cGMP compliance with Chemistry Manufacturing and Control (CMC) process

• Manages risks and expedites your product to market.


We take pride in our cGMP manufacturing facilities located throughout North America.

We have several certifications including:

• AIB Superior
• FDA Gras Status
• Halal
• Kosher
• Non GMO
• NOP-Certified Organic
• NSF – Certified
• NSF – Certified for Sport


Our Research & Development

We are known in the industry for creative problem solving, innovation, and unlocking breakthrough discoveries. Every day, customers bring us their most puzzling extraction problems, custom manufacturing challenges and process issues.

Our team of gifted R&D scientists and engineers explore the problems, test new theories, and deliver inspired solutions. We are well-known for incorporating the newest ideas and the most up-to-date features for our onsite full-scale analytical and micro laboratories.